Total return
Consistent return
Pilatus Invest Income CHF (Class I)
3 years
Pilatus Invest Income CHF (Class B)
3 years
Pilatus Invest Income EUR (Class I)
3 years
Pilatus Invest Income EUR (Class B)3 years
Pilatus Invest Income USD (Class I)3 years★★★★★
Pilatus Invest Income USD (Class B)3 years★★★★★

We implement our investment strategy in our three own bond funds. The three portfolios of the Pilatus Invest Income Funds in CHF, EUR and USD are “Effektenfonds” according to Swiss law with a similar investment strategy, incorporated in Switzerland. However, with managing them individually we can invest aligned with the respective bond markets.

For more Information about our bond funds we refer to the section Factsheets

It’s a huge advantage to bundle many client portfolios of a similar strategy in a collective investment fund. Particularly in the actual low rate environment it is crucial to benefit from scalability and hence relatively small transaction costs. One of our key instruments to manage risk is a broad diversification. The portfolio size of a fund allows us to implement that instrument adequately. One has to keep in mind that the minimum investable size of a bond outside of Switzerland has grown significantly. In sum the investment universe is also bigger and hence allows increased diversification possibilities.

Furthermore we invest transparently with the vehicle of a Swiss „Effektenfond“. This is documented for our investors on a regular basis. There are additional third party institutions which add – among our own risk management – to the supervision of the risks through our fund set-up. These are independent and proven companies which are listed below with their respective mandate.

Investment Management

Investment Management

Fund Administration


Risk Management & Compliance

Risk Management & Compliance





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