Indiviually Managed Mandates

We also offer our clients individually managed and tailor-made mandates. A portfolio which is elaborated according to our client’s desire offers more possibilities to better adhere to the individual requirements of a private or an institutional investor.

The custodian bank and its domicile for example, can be chosen individually. It offers the possibility to implement individual investment constraints which can be of importance for a client. Furthermore the allocation weights for certain countries, ratings or sectors and so forth are often crucial constraints for institutional investors which can fluctuate from our own investment strategy. In these circumstances an individually managed mandate offers the flexibility which is needed to adhere to  and implement an individual investment policy for our client.

We focus solely on our core competence in the area of fixed income. We claim to be qualified for managing your assets in the fixed income space in a highly professional way. For this reason we currently do not offer any in-house mandates in the equity space.
Nonetheless we have an extended network among providers in other asset classes like equities and so forth. We are happy to elaborate an investment solution for you which incorporates other asset classes. Nevertheless we would only take responsibility for the fixed income part of the investment solution.
We clearly position ourselves as a specialist in the fixed income asset class and we do not claim to be able to manage all asset classes in a professional manner. We are convinced, that a multi-asset-approach via one single manager brings more disadvantages than advantages. The industry trend that mandates are increasingly allocated to focused specialists encourages us in this strategy.

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